43 Nouns and Verbs of Social Software

Thanks to a pointer from Alan, I took another look at my 43Things account. It’s a place where you can track stuff you’d like to do – like a shared wishlist. There are 2 other related sites. 43Places lets you track places you’ve been and/or would like to visit. 43People lets you track people you’ve met or would like to meet.

Sounds a bit lame on first blush. Why do that in a public place? What are they doing with the data? Amazon is an investor, so why would I feed my data into the corporate beast?

Well, because it is a very well done set of applications. I think it’s only a first step, but it already lets you easily find other people who share interests. If I’ve indicated that I’m interested in meeting someone, I can see a list of other people who are also interested. Then, I can see what other people these folks are interested in meeting. Or have met. Kind of like friend-of-a-friend, but as a living thing. Connectivism, anyone?

I’m not sure if I’ll keep the lists up to date on a daily basis, but if nothing else it’s prompted me to think a little bit about what I want to do, where I want to go, and who I’d like to meet.

Here’s a screenshot of the really cool/interesting 43Places view of my account:

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  1. The lake country is actually quite nice. Reminds me of Ontario, from whence I came out west. And Winnipeg does have a nice zoo, or so I’m told. Late January is the best season to be out and about the zoo – no bugs.

  2. I marked Manitoba as “don’t bother” but I did actually like Grand Beach. Amazing that place, with the proper waves it looks exactly like it is the sea not lake Winnipeg. Can keep the rest of it for me but we have to visit we have family there ;O)

  3. […] I had heard about it before and thought it was one of those things that only 13 year old girls did, like a livejournal “learn about your friends” thing, but then I read about it on D’Arcys blog and thought what the heck let’s give it a try. And you know what?, it’s quite fun in a time wasting kind of way! […]

  4. Yeah. Good points. I actually don’t want to see 99.9% of Manitoba – but would love to see Churchill in the summer. And, although I’ve been to Tijuana and Cozumel, I would hardly consider saying that I’ve “done Mexico” which is implied by the map.

    Still, it’s a cool way to visualize it. It would be even cooler if they combined it with the IndyJr. travel map ( like this )

  5. Nah, you don’t reaelly want to visit Manitoba. not really. 🙂

    I’ve looked at this too. Is it too petty to criticize their “I’ve been here” maps for being a bit too pretentious? I mean, just because I’ve been to Madrid and Barcelona , do I get to colour in the whole of Spain? By that criterion, I’ve seen Italy (having spent four hours in Trieste – look it up if you don’t know where it is [I didn’t] – while motoring down the Dalmatian coast.

    Petty, I know. ANd yet… yet, I will still go back and see what exists of my account.

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