Ultimate Tag Warrior provided a really handy way to tag posts in WordPress, by just entering tags into a text field ala del.icio.us or Flickr.

But, it uses its own tags database, meaning external tools like Flock, MarsEdit, Ecto, etc... are unable to tag new posts. And I get to do some funkery each time I update the K2 theme to match the latest and greatest beta.

So, I just spent a couple of hours this evening manually migrating UTW tags to be stored in stock WordPress Categories. I would have played around with some SQL to do it, but would rather do some mindless copy/pastery in front of the tube.

Dropping UTW seems to have shaved almost 100 database queries from the generation of the front page of this blog. That ain't half bad.

And, by using a combination of the Cat2Tag v 2.0 and WordPress Heat Map plugins, I wind up with a better solution anyway.