Drupal 4.7.0 Beta 3

In my continued activities as the designated CMS Twiddler for the Learning Commons, I'm putting together a site for a client that will serve as both a "traditional" website (but they can edit through a browser), and a "community" site, with blogs, forums, resource databases and the like. I was playing with both Drupal 4.6.x and the betas of 4.7 (now up to beta 3), and I've found a combination of modules that will let us do pretty much exactly what we had planned on.

I'm using these modules:

  • Organic Groups
  • Dashboard
  • Front Page
  • CSS
  • and likely Flexinode as well

It's working extremely well, and is almost ready for the drop of content from the client. But I've got one (hopefully) minor glitch, related to the Organic Groups module. I can install and enable it OK. I can even create a group. But, then I'm faced with a cryptic error message:

Table 'drupal_cpep.og_term' doesn't exist query: SELECT t.* FROM term_node r INNER JOIN og_term ogt ON t.tid = ogt.tid INNER JOIN node_access ogna ON ogt.nid = ogna.nid AND realm = 'og_uid' AND gid = 1 INNER JOIN term_data t ON r.tid = t.tid INNER JOIN vocabulary v ON t.vid = v.vid WHERE r.nid = 5 ORDER BY v.weight, t.weight, t.name in /Library/WebServer/Documents/cpep/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 108.

The .sql file doesn't mention a og_term table, nor does the .module file. I'll play some more tomorrow to see if I can figure this one out.

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