Impeachable Offense

2 words that are now synonymous with “Happy Holidays” – I first read about the uproar over SpyGate via Stephen’s NewsTrolls service. Then, I’ve heard it several times since then on American TV networks. On freaking TV. So, an “elected” president apparently tramples the constitution, giving the nod for government agencies to spy on citizens […]

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WordPress 2.0 Upload Management

They completely reworked how uploaded files are handled in WordPress 2.0 – they’re now put into folders by date to keep things nice and clean. Very nice touch. And thumbnails are automatically generated and linked if requested as well. Very cool. If it works, here’s a screenshot of the image upload form from WP 2.0… […]

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Apparently, I’m a loner.

Thanks to Josh, I took what I promise to be my last mindless personality quiz of 2005. Ouch. I was sure I’d be a geek or dweeb or something like that. I did spend a few minutes to slightly clean up the painfully bad HTML generated by the quiz… (finally resorted to a screenshot of […]

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Best. Game. EVAR!

The Calgary-Vancouver game just ended. Holy. Crap. What a great game. I kept thinking “Man, this is the best game I’ve seen so far this year!” It was fast, back-and-forth all over the ice. Few stupid penalties. Fights, and fast, physical play. Awesome saves on both ends. Kipper was on freaking fire – whatever he’s […]

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