2 words that are now synonymous with "Happy Holidays" - I first read about the uproar over SpyGate via Stephen's NewsTrolls service. Then, I've heard it several times since then on American TV networks. On freaking TV.

So, an "elected" president apparently tramples the constitution, giving the nod for government agencies to spy on citizens just in case they might be doing something bad - without the need for judicial review or approval. And, that's being acknowledged by Bush's own people as an impeachable offence - with the story broken in the Traditional Media by the New York Times.

Maybe there's hope, after all... If this story gets large enough, it can't be ignored (even by Shrub). If it doesn't make it to full impeachment status, at least it will make the next election a bit more interesting. But, with Bush not able to run again, maybe that's a moot point...

Happy holidays, indeed!

Update: Now BoingBoing is pointing to a Miami Herald article that describes the Bush wiretap approvals as doing something that Bin Laden could not have done - erode the constitution and spread fear throughout the entire country, in the name of a president-come-king. It's great when fearmongers are able to leverage synergy to amplify effect... (yeah - I used corporate marketing buzzwords to describe the business relationship between Bush and Bin Laden)