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Evan and Santa - 2005I'm packing it in until the new year, so officially signing off (yeah, right) for a little while. I hope everyone has a great [INSERT REASON HERE] holiday season!

It's been a big year for me. Lots of ups and downs, but I think I came out of this one ahead. Trying not to make a self-absorbed self-congratulatory post, but wanted to document some of the highlights. I usually forget the lowlights as part of my coping mechanism...

Big events for me this year (rough chronological order):

  • Moved blog to my own domain at darcynorman.net
  • Northern Voice 2005 (posts from the conference)
  • Fun with podcasting
  • Fun with tagging/folksonomies
  • "launch" of weblogs.ucalgary.ca
  • "launch" of wiki.ucalgary.ca
  • Pachyderm development (including the weeklong Summit of Geeks at Sonoma State University)
  • Museums and the Web 2005 Conference in Vancouver notes
  • WWDC 2005 in San Francisco
  • NMC 2005 Summer Conference in Honolulu (and family vacation)
  • ADCE and PlanetADCE
  • Enjoying some miniscule local celebrity with the TV and press appearances
  • Dad's 70th birthday
  • Mom's 65th birthday
  • Workshops on campus on blogging and wiki
  • Pachyderm 2.0 release
  • Mavericks almost-release
  • Starting to see this whole "Web 2.0" and "Semantic Web" stuff start to come together
  • Winning an EduBlogger award for darcynorman.net
  • Realizing that I've taken the leap to make the blog an integral part of what I do (~20,000 words written per month, professional + personal, etc...)

One thing that struck me as I crawled through this year's posts, is how fast things are happening. I was remembering things as happening months ago, when they were actually very recent. Things like the Peak Oil posts - it feels like I blogged it a long time ago, when it was only a month ago!

Things I plan/hope to do in the next year (not new year's resolutions, just a basic guideline):

  • Spend more time with the family - without the damned computer mining RSS feeds in the background
  • Become a better photographer. Maybe/hopefully pick up a real camera. Maybe take a course or something...
  • Restart my Master's program. Get any last coursework out of the way, and finally pick a damned thesis topic.
  • Do more writing. Not just blog posts, but more carefully constructed articles etc...
  • Actually spend some time playing with cool new stuff. Ruby on Rails, ferinstance.
  • Spend more time working with faculty etc. - workshops, presentations, etc...
  • Spend more time in Open Source land, perhaps hacking Drupal or WordPress, or Moodle, or our own LC code, etc...
  • Breathe. Don't let this crap bother me so much :-)

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