iPodLinux + TuneTalk

I just dropped the latest version of iPodLinux on my iPod to test out recording at higher sample rates. I cranked it up to 44.1KHz, and the recording from the TuneTalk microphone sounded freaking amazing! I'll have to do some more playing/testing to see how it works for longer recordings (how fast does it suck down the battery? does it still have the high-pitched whine in the background?)

But, while I had linux running on the iPod, I poked around at what else is offered. It's got some new games, including a non-playable demo of TEMPEST! That is so cool! Apple, please include Tempest as a default game! That is SO perfect for the iPod controller... Oh, and it's got a version of an Etch-A-Sketch program that is pretty cool. Yay, linux!

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