iPod Microphone

This morning before the meeting started, I took a quick sprinting shopping spree through Macy's and then to the Apple Store. Played with the new video iPods. Oh my f#cking god. How can they make something so obviously incredible? I must have one. Oh, yeah. Cash...

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. I also picked up a Belkin TuneTalk microphone for my iPod. Maybe Evan will give it to me for Christmas. Plugged it into my iPod and it pops up immediately with the "Record Now" screen. Cool. So, I record some sample stuff, and it doesn't sound like crap. Actually, it sounds completely decent. With some massaging in Audacity or GarageBand, it might even sound good. I can even leave the iPod on my belt, with the microphone in place, and record myself talking while standing and walking around. Kind of like I do when I present something to a group. Hmmmm... Might have to experiment with recording my next presentation... It also seems like a pretty handy podcasting recording setup as well.

I'll likely be playing with the microphone while I'm here. I shouldn't record myself at the moment, as I have a little too much wine in me to want my words recorded and published to the inkernets. Tomorrow :-)

Listening to a longish recording I made today during the "Welcome"meeting, and am noticing some, well, issues with loud speech while recording. It seems like when the audio being recorded maxes out, instead of just clipping the audio, it inserts static. Be careful not to max out audio levels. It's also entertaining to hear the iPod hard drive spinning up in the recorded audio as the file is periodically spooled to disk.

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