Peak Oil Survivalism

After my thinking out loud about Peak Oil, I've been doing some more thinking about it (as have others). The changes required to prevent The End Of Oil are so drastic and large-scale that I really don't see that happening. The oil is going to run out (or become so expensive that only Bill Gates can drive his 2033 Prius) and there's just nothing that can be done to prevent that. Cue an image of what the "haves" were doing in Mad Max - they weren't filmed, but SOMEONE had access to the oil.

So, the issue then becomes more about adapting, and preparing to be effective in the post-oil world. I think that the people that are conserving are doing Good Things™, but they aren't preventing the exhaustion of the oil supply - they are preparing themselves to survive in a world with (less | no) oil.

Looking at the issue as a Post Peak Oil Survivalism movement makes it much more conceivable. Individuals preparing to adapt to a changing environment - we do that every day. If there's no way to prevent it, we should at least start to deal with it. This is more about preventing the spiral down into the Thunderdome than about saving a doomed resource.

I was completely blown away by the amount and level of feedback I got to that last Oil entry. Wow. Although that was far from a well-thought-out piece of effective writing, it's probably the one thing I'm most proud of in this whole blog. It marked the point where I started turning my own rudder away from the looming iceberg.

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Last updated: February 20, 2024