EdTechTalk Podcasts

I'm very late to this game, not discovering this gem until episode 23, but the EdTechTalk Podcast is great!

I listened to Episode 23 on the way home on Friday, and finished it this morning. An extremely interesting discussion with Jay Cross and George Siemens, covering Connectivism, "shallow thinking", the nature of learning, trust networks, etc... It was a very lively discussion, and they apparently had a live audio stream of the event with a supporting chat channel, because Stephen Downes was relayed into the conversation via the chat room.

The podcast even has a transcript of the chat room activity, and notes from the discussion available online. Very nicely done.

It sparked a lot of connections in my head - I even took some notes on the bus this morning so I didn't lose the newly linked synapses. I'll try to make them a bit more coherent (or at least lest shaky) and post them.

I've got a lot of episodes to catch up on now...

I've been doing some digging, and still haven't found out who is behind/running EdTechTalk.com - perhaps another Lighips Enterprises Production?

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