I just finished demonstrating podcasting for the ADETA group. During the session, I tried to upload audio to weblogs.ucalgary.ca to demonstrate podcast publishing and subscribing, but it failed for some unknown reason.

So, I'm trying again here. 2 podcast posts in one day... (you did notice the video from the last post was provided as a podcast enclosure - might even play on those fancy schmancy video iPods all the cool kids seem to have these days)

Demo Podcast for ADETA.

Also, the wiki page on podcasting that I mentioned in the session.

Update: Here's the Podcasting session for ADETA. It's a Java Web Start application, but should take you right to the presentation (eventually - bear with the download etc...). I had to turn up the "Speaker" volume - the right audio slider dealie in the bottom left corner.

Paul pointed out that I could have charged more. ;-) - it was a free session, of course.