BlogBridge 2.7 is now a Real Live Application

I've become a huge fan of BlogBridge - it has been the most efficient and powerful rss aggregator I've ever used. But, it kinda sucked because it didn't behave like a native app. I've kind of got a fetish for native apps on MacOSX - apps that behave as expected, look as expected, and do stuff the way they should.

Well, BlogBridge 2.7 is now available as an "actual" application! It runs great and looks the way it should.

My only remaining nits with BlogBridge are that it doesn't seem to respond to the feed:// protocol - if I click on the blue "RSS" bullet provided in the address bar of Safari, BlogBridge pops to the front, but doesn't do anything (at least visibly). The other nit is that if I click a link in BlogBridge, it brings my browser to the front. Annoying if I'm just wanting to preload a dozen or so tabs to read after scanning my feeds...

But, a great job by the folks at BlogBridge! I'm loving it. (cue J.T.'s million-dollar-jingle)

ps. Pito: I tried to leave this as a comment on your announcement post - but got a MovableType "missing file" error when posting the comment. Not a bad spam-blocker ;-)

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