iPod Microphone

This morning before the meeting started, I took a quick sprinting shopping spree through Macy’s and then to the Apple Store. Played with the new video iPods. Oh my f#cking god. How can they make something so obviously incredible? I must have one. Oh, yeah. … Continue readingiPod Microphone

Travel ranting

This is the one where I rant/vent about my flight down. I’m blogging this from 30,000′ for therapeutic reasons… It wasn’t a bad trip down at all, and I’m seriously not complaining about being sent to San Francisco for a couple of days of meetings, … Continue readingTravel ranting

Mambo installer bug

Just installing Mambo for a demo of various CMS options to the team tomorrow. The Mambo installer borked while creating a table, choking on a missing default value for “rating_sum”. Easy fix. Line 221 of mambo/installation/sql/mambo.sql is dealing with setting up the content_rating table. … Continue readingMambo installer bug