On being uncultured

On the way from the hotel to the restaurant for supper tonight, Tim took Josh and I on a short walking tour of what I called “art bars” – two very cool bars/clubs that were one part bar, one part art gallery. Very interesting stuff. Then, to Osha (a Thai restaurant, coincidentally themed inside with […]

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Debugging WebObjects

I got the chance to play with debugging a running WebObjects app today, with the added fun of having a roomful of 20 users of the app taking turns to mention “did you know that [X|Y|Z] isn’t working?” Long story short, if you need to get the status of threads of a running WebObjects app, […]

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Pachyderm Year 2 Wrapup Day 1

Update: I made a Flickr Album for photos from this trip. Had a really good first day of meetings. We had a quick lunch on the 36th floor of the Grand Hyatt, overlooking the awesome skyline of San Francisco. Then we got into the recap of the last 2 years, and touched base. Then, we […]

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iPod Microphone

This morning before the meeting started, I took a quick sprinting shopping spree through Macy’s and then to the Apple Store. Played with the new video iPods. Oh my f#cking god. How can they make something so obviously incredible? I must have one. Oh, yeah. Cash… Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. I […]

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Travel ranting

This is the one where I rant/vent about my flight down. I’m blogging this from 30,000′ for therapeutic reasons… It wasn’t a bad trip down at all, and I’m seriously not complaining about being sent to San Francisco for a couple of days of meetings, but man some people are just ignorant enough to deserve […]

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