Akismet: WordPress Antispam

I just installed Akismet – the “official” antispam solution for WordPress. Ok. It’s not really official, but it’s written by PhotoMatt – the lead of WordPress – which makes it official enough.

I’m a bit nervous about deactivating Spam Karma 2 – which has performed absolutely flawlessly (and silently), but am curious about the distributed spamblocking approach used by Akismet, as opposed to a personal blacklist used by SK2.

And, if Akismet fails miserably, it’s just a matter of clicking two links in the Plugin Manager to go back to SK2. One caveat to Akismet: you need a WordPress.com API key to activate it. Download a copy of Flock to get one if you don’t have one already.

6 thoughts on “Akismet: WordPress Antispam”

  1. Perfect example of why I won’t trust Akismet alone. This just came through Spam Karma’s moderation log:

    5: Akismet says it's ok
    -11: Manually confirmed moderations.

  2. You can deactivate your SK with no fear. I have installed Akismet last week, and have no problems. Actually Akismet fetches all spam comments, where I found that SK could fail one or two times a week.

    I have switched 100% from SK to akismet

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