Global Map of Edubloggers’ Community

Josie Fraser is at it again, this time with a cool project to map the location of edubloggers around the world.

Map of edubloggers

Right now, it looks rather UK-centric, but once more people add themselves to the list it might be a useful resource to describe the global community of edubloggers. Would that be a part of a global community of practice?

Update: The global domination by the North American Edubloggers Guild has begun! 12 hours after posting the first image, the Risk gameboard has changed markedly:

Edubloggers update

Update: a few hours, and the global domination of the EduBloggers’ Guild continues…

update 2

4 replies on “Global Map of Edubloggers’ Community”

  1. dammit. I’ve been outed. I AM LEROY SWIVELHIPS! ALL WILL LOVE AND OBEY ME!

    yeah. ok. whatever. no – I’m not Leon. Really curious about who _is_, though…

  2. Bwahaaaa (evil laugh). The world, I tell you, we will dominate the world!

    Hold on a second …. this has got to be the work of that weirdo Lighips fellow – I knew it, knew it – you’re Leon Lighips, aren’t you!

    Can’t fool me!

  3. […] Reading a post by D’Arcy Norman expounding (a bit) on the global community of edubloggers that Josie Fraser is illustrating through her rather nifty use of the mapping tool Frappr got me thinking about how perhaps the massive globalisation of our communities through blogs might in fact be creating far more local communities than we already have. […]

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