Christmas came early this year

Between Flock and BlogBridge, this whole online-community stuff has completely changed for me in the last 24 hours.

BlogBridge: I blew through my RSS feeds this morning so quickly that I thought I had missed most of them. Nope. It's just that much faster to check feeds now, and the items are nicely sorted by my Starz ranking on the feed, so I read the more "interesting" stuff first. Nice.

Flock: Loving the integration. Less enthralled with the blog-managment integration, but it's still pretty nice. I'm going to try it as my default browser for awhile to see how it works out.

Oh, and here's a first shot at using Flock's built-in Flickr integration in the blog post tool:

Flickr Photo

Hmmm... Looks like it did something weird when talking to my WordPress blog. Had to go in and manually re-publish this post. I'll play more later...

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Last updated: September 24, 2023