I just poked around the Spam Karma 2 reports, and realized that for the first time, ever, it's showing more actual approved comments than denied spam attempts. Usually, there are hundreds of spam attempts listed for every successful comment - I never see the spam attempts, except for in these reports.

But, here's what Spam Karma 2 is telling me:

Spam Karma 2 - more comments than spam!

There were 33 successful comments since I last looked, and only 31 spam attempts. Normally, there would be about 100-200 spam attempts listed here. Of course, none of them would actually make it to the blog, and I wouldn't even know about them unless I bothered to check the spam log...

Could it be that the tide of spam is finally turning? Or is it just a slow day for the spammers? Maybe the Nigeria+Microsoft partnership is starting to bear fruit?

Update: Well... That didn't last long. The spammers appear to be back in full force. I guess they just took the weekend off. Here's the Spam Karma 2 info from this morning:
Spam Karma Update

At least I don't have to see or deal with any of the spam :-)