Just finishing up a great Thanksgiving long weekend. We didn't get out to do anything too exciting - Evan's still sick - but it was nice and relaxing. I promised myself I wouldn't do any work this weekend. I caught myself a couple times launching XCode, or about to check some revisions or something, and forced myself to stop. That felt pretty darned good. I had a bit of an epiphany recently - I could continue to drive myself into the ground chasing the endless stream of demands, or I can just deal with them as I'm able. In the end, I really believe I won't be any further behind on projects - the time I do put in will likely be higher productivity, etc... - but my "off" time will sure be more rewarding without constantly fretting about the seemingly infinite list of To Do items.

Last night, we had a slightly non-traditional Thanksgiving supper. My father in law came over for the afternoon, and we helpedwatched him install a fancy schmancy humidifier on our furnace. Then, we treated him to barbequed turkey burgers, asparagus wrapped in proscuitto, roasted mini potatoes, etc... and a great apple pie made by my mom's "Daughters of the Nile" group.

Today's a holiday, and I'm hanging out with Evan - still forcing myself to Not Work - and am loving it. He's been changing so much over the last few months, it's absolutely amazing.