1. deities continuum-wide may sleep restfully knowing mr. Norman is keeping the datapeace on the terranet.

    i’d consider myself reasonably technically capable, at least more than the average joe blogger. nevertheless, i would have stalled at step two above. in fact, i stalled on numerous steps in numerous step-by-steps published on the web. that’s where the rocky mountain bit-bashing hero stepped in.

    trivial = running b2 import. somewhat trivial = messing with dumping the database via telnet. non-trivial = changing int into bigint. i’m sure i’m not the only one, (though i might be the only database lowbrow that reads this blog i suppose). sigh. i guess digital humanity is still too primitive for me.

    at any rate, a great big thanks to you. i promise to get everything tidied up soon.

  2. Heya, d. I would have Named Names, but didn’t want to link until you’d had a chance to setup shop first 🙂

    You’re right though – this stuff really is too primitive. Why should anyone need to go through these genuflections and incantations just to move some stuff from one blog to another?

    A Really Useful Engine would have Just Known what to do. We ain’t there yet…

    Seriously, though. If there’s anything I can do, just shout.

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