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I decided to give the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin for WordPress a shot. It’s going to be supported natively in the K2 theme that I’m using, and UTW comes highly rated. I was a bit nervous about migrating from the Cat2Tag plugin I’m using now, because I wasn’t sure how it would handle ~900 posts that were already categorized. I didn’t want to have to re-tag all of those posts. I picked Cat2Tag because it used the Categories themselves to store tags – so if I decided to switch back to Categories, it was just a matter of turning off a plugin, and doing some housekeeping on the now-messy set of categories. I’ll assume there will be a magical “convert tags back to categories” function sometime in the future…

Turns out there is a handy dandy “convert categories to tags” function, making the migration to UTW trivial. Now, I’m just nervous about what happens when I want to migrate away from it. For now, I’ve got the “Automatically convert categories to tags” flag set, so when I add a new post, it takes the categories I enter (via Cat2Tag), and mirrors them in Tags. Duplication for now, but until I’m comfortable with UTW, it’s the only way to go 🙂

It does provide a nice heatmap of tags, as displayed in the “archives” section. Doesn’t provide the heatmap of dates, though, so I’ll still be using WP-Heatmap for that.

The compelling reason for looking at UTW is the ability to view boolean sets of tags. I could look at /tag/projects+rants to see all posts that were tagged both “projects” and “rants” – something that wasn’t readily possible using straight categories-as-tags.

Just thought of a cool feature to add to UTW – “copy tags from my del.icio.us account” – let me tag my blog posts with the same vocabulary I use to tag the rest of the world.

I did have some fun getting the clean URLs working with UTW, though. The automagic .htaccess updater didn’t want to work, so I had to manually add this to my .htaccess:

# Ultimate Tag Warrior
RewriteRule ^tag/(.+)$ /index.php?tag=$1 [QSA,L]

Update: Just tweaked the setup a bit… Posts will now be put into one of only 3 categories: “entry”, “link” or “aside”. I’ve removed category display from post listings, and replaced with the tag list. I’ll try this for awhile, and decide if I want to stick with it before the number of uncategorized entries gets too big.

Update 2: Looks like there’s a bug in UTW – if you add only one tag to a post, it generates invalid XHTML (no after the localtags links). Simple fix for now – just add more than one tag per post 🙂 Less simple fix – modify line 483 of ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php to be able to deal with arrays containing just one item. I don’t know how to do that at the moment, so will be adding multiple tags.

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  1. How do I get the /tag/some-tag/feed option to work as you do? It's awesome. I am using UTW latest version.

  2. Thor – I’ve switched to Drupal a few months ago, so the current functionality of this website is a bit different than back when it was on WordPress…

  3. Hey I’m having trouble with friendly URLs for UTW too. Does it make any difference where you add the line to htaccess? Does it have to be before or after everything else?

  4. Bwn – not sure. it’s been at least 6 months since I’ve used WordPress… The friendly URLs on this site are now powered by Drupal.

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