Merging Flickr/Yahoo accounts breaks FlickrGallery plugin!

I merged my Flickr and Yahoo! accounts over the weekend. I was prompted to do it by Flickr, and didn’t think too much about it. But now Flickr Gallery is borked. It’s having trouble authenticating against my Yahoo! credentials.

If you’re using Flickr Gallery to keep your Flickr life in sync with your WordPress life, hold off on merging accounts for now. I’m hoping there will be an update to Flickr Gallery soon (although the last update was in January 2005, so maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath…) – and the tweaks I made to the html so it validates and renders properly are freely available to anyone who wants to keep hacking on the plugin. Looks like the developer’s blog hasn’t been updated since January either. That’s not a good sign. Hope everything’s ok…

In my copious spare time, I might have to roll up my sleeves and see if I can get FlickrGallery updated myself so that it can authenticate against Yahoo! credentials…

Update: Looks like Flickr has completely rethunk how they handle authentication. It’s not just a username/password pair that are passed around – you get to build an interface to handshake with Flickr so you can store a token. Perhaps more intelligent, but more work on my side if I want to just update FlickrGallery… I’ve got to add some code to handle the handshake, too…

Update 2: Turns out I didn’t have to write that plugin after all. A MUCH better version was already under development. More info here.

3 replies on “Merging Flickr/Yahoo accounts breaks FlickrGallery plugin!”

  1. Ouch, man, thats quite unfortunate that you merged and now its broken! I remember when i was promted to switch but (somehow quite luckily) i actually read the fine print somewhere along the way that said this would likely break any site using their remote APIs so I backed off.. the amazing thing was that i declined the switch even before i had my site up and running (much less the flickr plugin).

    PS, whats this about the hacks that you made to the plugin to make it validate and bugfixes? do you have a changelist of stuff you improved? I’m guessing you modified Flickr Gallery 0.7, right?

  2. JR, I just bundled up my modifications to flickr-gallery.php, and posted it online for you (or anyone else stumbling by via Google). It’s basically Flickr Gallery 0.7 with some minor tweaks to make it validate and render properly. I took the liberty of dubbing it “0.7.1” and added a changelog entry to avoid confusion.

    Glad you haven’t upgraded your Flickr account yet, but pretty soon the merge will be mandatory. I think it’s only a couple of months before they make you switch, meaning Flickr Gallery will be broken for everyone.

  3. argh! i didnt realize the merge would be mandatory. Like i said earlier, too bad the plugin already doesnt work for you, but the positive thing would be that perhaps the Flickr Gallery owners will be pressured by the masses to fix and update the plugin soon after the API change. Did you say you were already looking into the new handshake API?

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