Murphy: 1, D’Arcy: 1

After what felt like a very long weekend of debugging jGenerator, I finally figured out what was going wrong, and how to fix it. It didn’t make sense at all, which is why I didn’t pursue that line of investigation earlier. The library worked fine before. It hadn’t changed. Then it didn’t work. I was figuring that meant something outside of the library had changed, and had borked something used by jGenerator.

Whatever the cause, I wound up using a java decompiler (jad) to figure out exactly where the problem was, while comparing to the versions of available jGenerator source code. I removed what appeared to be the offending line (calling Log.logRB() – which is a utility log method within jGenerator), and recompiled a fresh copy of jgen.jar using the Ant build script.

Deployed that sucker, restarted the Mavericks instance of the Pachyderm authoring app, and cést voila! I had it working early this morning, then published fresh copies of all of the Mavericks sections for review. *touches wood* It’s working great now!

So… in the future, when debugging something that isn’t behaving as expected… throw away all assumptions – no matter how “sure” you are about something, test and verify each and every line of investigation.

OK. Murphy, you can go to hell now…

3 replies on “Murphy: 1, D’Arcy: 1”

  1. Looks like you had a lot of caffein this weekend! I learned (ctrl, alt, del) fixes all my problems the day I touched Windows 3.1. Anyway, great work on this server application that we can keep Pachyderm a complete open-source software (for not switching to Flex).

  2. Heya, Tim. There was surprisingly little caffeine this weekend. Maybe that would have helped 🙂

    Don’t think Flex would work for what we need – it’s still a server-side-only technology, and we need to be able to generate standalone .swf files… There’s another project that is much more active called jSwiff, and the lead developer of that is investigating supporting Generator functions. If that ever gets implemented, we may have a viable option there, as well. Which would be nice, since jGenerator is essentially abandonware after Macromedia paid off the developers…

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