Business Week sidebar on iPod Batteries

That “Big Magazine” I mentioned recently will be publishing a small snippet from the phone interview I gave. Pick up the next Business Week, and check out the “Gearworld” section, for an article/sidebar written by Elizabeth Woyke and Peter Burrows. I don’t come off sounding like either a raving lunatic, nor a drooling fanboy, so […]


Note to self: take a hint… I got home today to find this postcard in my mailbox, sent by a local church for a series of chill-out workshops coming up this fall… So, along those lines, I’ll try to finish up what I can tonight after The Boy goes to bed, then I’m going to […]

Building evacuated by HazMat team

From the “well, that’s one way to take an afternoon and evening off” department… There was apparently some kind of chemical (or biological? nobody seems to know anything) spill in the Bio Sciences building shortly before noon today. Since the Learning Commons is on the 5th floor of BioSci, that means we all got to […]