iPodder.org Directory + Winer's OPML Editor

I've been really bad about updating the iPodder.org podcast directory educational category in a timely manner. Mostly because it's rather a huge PITA to manually update the .opml file - very carefully editing the xml in BBEdit, then validating using the just barely meaningful online OPML validator to make sure I didn't bork it.

I just downloaded Dave Winer's OPML Editor, and it makes the updates easy enough to make it not worth avoiding.

The UI on OPML Editor is decidedly non-MacOSX. It feels like a classic app, circa 1996 or so. Even has the retro spinning pinwheel icon when it's busy. But it works, and that's what counts. But, then again, I'm sooooo spoiled with the awesome OmniOutliner Professional 3...

I'm going to investigate the online component of the tool, and see if I might be able to take the FTP-upload part of the update cycle out of the loop to make it even less tedious...

Update: That was easy... I just copied the .opml file into OPML Editor's "www" folder, and it automagically published it to the opml.org server. I'm assuming any changes will be pushed transparently by the application. No more FTP updates for the file (which wasn't too onerous, but was yet another step...) I've sent an email to Adam to see if he can change the .opml url from the old location on the Learning Commons webserver to the opml.org autohosting location.

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Last updated: November 30, 2023