Bandwidth "theft"

I just found a new site in my referrer stats - someone trying to customize Mambo to have a Kubrick-based theme rather strongly inspired by my (and Cole's) tweaks to it. That's cool. Have at'er.

But, it's not cool to just go ahead and use the images directly off of my server. Sorry for being a jerk about it, but I don't feel the need to use part of my bandwidth allocation so you don't have to bother copying my files to your server to use them in your site... It's simple to do. I'm all for people exploring and experimenting with stuff, even/especially with my stuff - that's why it's online - but please host your own website rather than sneaking into my hosting package.

Not sure how I feel about seeing my banner images elsewhere, either... I mean, they're nothing special or anything, and I certainly haven't protected or copyrighted them or anything, but really... Grab a camera, take a photo that means something to you and use that. It'll take all of 5 minutes, and you'll be much happier with your banner.

Of course, I'm also very stressed out with the neverending crush of a project that has been in perpetual panic mode for the last month, so I'm a little pissier than normal.

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