Game ON!!!

The owners ratified the agreement today (after the NHLPA already ratified it), meaning hockey's BACK! I suggested that the Learning Commons needs a superbox at the Saddledome. Nobody else thought we could sneak that into the budget.

Loving the new rules for the NHL. Should make for a much faster game! And shootouts to break ties? Awesome. - NHL - Canada's Sports Leader
One primary objective of the new rules will be to reduce the scope of defensive "tools" a team may effectively employ, and to create a corresponding benefit to the offensive part of the game – thus allowing skill players to use their skills and increasing the number and quality of scoring chances.

New rules:

  • No more ties - shootouts!
  • Two-line passes - should keep things faster going from defense to offense
  • Restrictions on goalies - bigger five-hole, less out-of-net play
  • Bigger offensive zone - biggest change here is shrinking the neutral zone, and moving the nets closer to the boards to reduce camping
  • Changes to icing - preventing dumping
  • Instigator rule - bigger penalty for being an ass at the end of a game. good move
  • Officiating - zero tolerance, and stuff to keep play moving fast
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct - the Anti-Bertuzzi clause
  • Competition committee - good to see Iggie and Shanahan representing the players
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