2005 NECC ADE Podcast

When I broke blog silence while on vacation to post about the Apple/NECC podcast project, I knew I wouldn’t have time to listen in. I’m slowly getting caught up on the podcasts, and they’re freaking excellent!

I listened to Bernie Dodge’s session yesterday, and Barnaby Wasson’s podcast-about-podcasting session this morning (with Jason’s entertaining intro). I’ll be listening to Cole’s breakfast session on the way home this afternoon.

Since I’ve been a total maniac IT Conversations Fanboy™ since it went live, I’m sort of addicted to almost-live conference audio streams via podcasts.

I can only hope the conference organizers get past the “But… if we podcast it, who will come to the conference?” paranoia and just start sharing this stuff – every conference should be podcasting its sessions.

EDUCAUSE gets it, big time, and has been podcasting the hell out of their recent gatherings. NorthernVoice got it big time, too. We failed to do NMC2005 justice, and WWDC2005 is so übersecretive that podcasters would be executed.

Worst case scenario, a couple people who were sitting on the fence trying to decide if they should attend might be able to save some travel funds. Best case scenario, you get a dynamic community of contributing members growing around your field of study.

In the same way that a website without RSS is lame, in a year or so, conferences without podcasts will be lame.


  1. Bill

    I was at the Barnaby Watson Session that was recorded, the only thing the audio lacks is the length of the line to get into the session.

    This was intended to be one session on a Tuesday night. Many of us had talked about meeting up as it was expected to be a small ‘geekfest’ session.

    There were at least 500 lined up, they did two sessions and they still left people in the hall.

    When listening to the session, in the section where he describes how to do a podcast, there is a 10 sec pause, then alot of audience noise at 50 side conversations start as people have ideas on how this could be used.

    The person next to me wants her yoga instructor to do a podcast so she could take it with her when she travels.

  2. Mark McGuire

    Transcripts can be useful, but they’re different. Podcasts catch information that is filtered out in the transcription process. I’ve been looking for good conversations about podcasting and the best segments work because they are good conversations. As for podcasts replacing conference attendance, I don’t think so. I’m in New Zealand (a transplanted Canadian) so I’m, lucky if I can get to two conferences a year outside the islands. Podcasting is (in part) about enlarging the conversational space beyond the conference room (or kitchen table).

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