NMC Opening Reception

The opening reception last night was pretty cool. Got to touch base with a bunch of folks that I hadn't seen since last year's conference, and got to meet a whole bunch of new folks. I didn't win the iPod Shuffle, but that's OK... :-)

I had one of the coolest experiences though. I just had a picture taken with Tim Wang, and as I look up, there is someone standing in front of me, noticing my nametag badge. All of a sudden, she breaks into this gorgeous smile, and says "Are you D'Arcy Norman?"

Um... Yeah... (I'm so clever in my on-the-spot responses)

"My husband and I read your blog all the time!"

So we walk over to where her husband is sitting, and we do the introductions. (Hi Brad!) Turns out my blog helped someone feel a bit more comfortable coming to a new conference. Very cool.

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Last updated: September 16, 2023