Apple Campus Bash @ WWDC 2005

I just got back from the Apple Campus Bash. Wow. The band this year was The Wallflowers. The freaking WALLFLOWERS played the Apple Campus Bash! Awesome. They did a full set, too, not just a cheap 20-minute gig. A full hour-long set. And I think they were having fun, too... Questions thrown to the audience about how to get blackberries working... Heckling jugglers... Very cool.

WWDC2005 - 76

It was a great evening, hanging out with King and Josh (and Jason, and Scott). An amazing Campus bash. I'm surprised I was able to refrain from buying anything at the Company Store, though... Josh and King dropped big fat wads of cash. Josh drove us all down in the Jedimobile, so we beat the crowds.

Apple was giving out these cool iTMS gift certificate cards as we entered the bash, but they appear to be keyed to the US iTMS, so no joy. I can't buy from there, and the cards aren't accepted by iTMS Canada. Oh, well... I'll probably go ahead and buy the full Wallflowers iTunes Originals album anyway...

More photos from WWDC2005 are on my Flickr account.

OK. Now I've really got to get to bed. 8am flight home in the morning...

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