WWDC Registration

Just registered. Nobody in line ahead of me (surprisingly). The bag is a cool backpack this year, which I think will get a lot of use... There's a nice little nalgene water bottle in the bag, and a cool little caribiner pen - like the one from 2003, but black of course. I'll be losing the 'beener from the pen before I actually write with it, though... The conference schedule dealies are smart - at-a-glance overview booklet, and each day has it's own separate booklet for marking up etc... No notebook this year, which is odd... Actually, now that I think about it, the conference bag is surprisingly devoid of goodies... no demo CDs, no packages from 3rd parties... makes you go 'hmmmm.....'

The folks that registered last night are already lined up for the Stevenote, all uniformly wearing the black WWDC t-shirt. It's a pretty funny sight - I'll grab a photo when I get back there. I'm back a the hotel, rather than waiting in line a 7:30am. I'll get there about 8:15, and I'm guessing the line will be wrapped 14 times around the foyer :-)

I guess I'm not much less fanboy than the early liners, though, wearing my Apple windbreaker, with iPod strapped to my belt...

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Last updated: September 28, 2023