Planet ADCE: Latest Posts on Apple Digital Campus Exchange Weblogs

I’m trying a bit of an experiment here… I just installed a (slightly hacked/cleaned-up) copy of Feed on Feeds to aggregate all of the Apple Digital Campus Exchange weblogs via their exposed RSS feeds. I’m hoping this gets replaced by a “real” solution hosted by Apple, but in the meantime…

Planet ADCE: Latest Posts on Apple Digital Campus Exchange Weblogs

It’s not pretty – I didn’t have time/energy to make it much better than the stock layout. And the order of the old posts is funky due to the way Feed on Feeds sucks in posts – they’re stamped with the cache date rather than the post date – so all existing posts got essentially the same cache date and they show up in unpredictable order. This will be sorted out with the new posts, which will be automatically cached every hour.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about FoF… it fits the bill for something I was going to toss into Blogdigger. But still WT######F is Apple thinking with having blog reading behind a password? It is antithetical and I am weighing blogging it in their onw blog.

    And yes, Matt, I ecto to both MovableType and WordPress sites; w/o ecto, my blogging would be about half the volume (and twice the calories).

  2. Somehow I totally misread the posting above … bet your were wondering why the heck is he mentioning ecto??? Clearly not enough coffee yet. 😉

    I don’t quite get the whole password protected blog thing either … it is one thing to protect against comment spam, but another to password protect the whole blog viewing exeperience. Maybe they have some vision for a gated community that isn’t clear yet, but they’re definately assembling quite a list of names.

  3. Cheers for this D’Arcy. The Apple site is a pain – I get asked the ‘one time only’ password everytime I try and drop in. I’m sticking to staying outside & just reading the feeds.

    I hope they’re giving you something for your efforts, even if it’s only a discount on ipod socks.

  4. Josie, once you’ve logged in (once), just subscribe to the RSS feeds for the blogs you’re interested in. The blogs themselves aren’t restricted, just the pointers to them. Figure that one out. I’m sure nobody else would ever create another link to the blogs… Security through obscurity? 🙂

  5. D … still bothering me as well. I keep pushing, but I can’t seem to get an answer to the password thing. Just doesn’t make any sense at all. I was actually getting set to install the WP aggreator blog at my site for the ADCE … I like to read the stuff, but I don’t have the time to bounce around the site … I can subcribe to each one, but I shouldn’t *have* to do that. At any rate, I’ll be talking with Peter and John this week and will push once again. Thanks–> C

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