Apple Digital Campus Exchange

I've been asked to participate in a new effort by Apple, called the "Apple Digital Campus Exchange" - it's basically a community of folks much smarter and more interesting than myself (ranging from Cole Camplese to Alan Levine to Larry Johnson to Carl Berger) who just get to talk about stuff like The Future, iPods in the classroom, etc...

I thought this was going public next week, but I see it was actually scheduled for launch on May 12. Since it is now somewhat after May 12, I think I'm safe linking to it...

I'm a contributing blogger on the Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning in a Digital World weblog. It needs a longer title, or at least an acronym.

I am pretty darned excited by this ADCE effort - it could be a chance to get the stuff we've all been dabbling with over the last little while finally pushed out to the Rest of the Class™ (because the folks that still haven't heard of or use blogs etc... just might sit up and pay attention when the Big Glowing Apple Icon starts talking about it. All we really need is for it to me shown in a Stevenote...)

I took the opportunity to write my First Post to the Tools blog, where I babble for a bit about the internet not being read-only, yadda yadda...

On the technology side, they're basically mixing existing tools, including Wordpress and vBulletin (and some others, I'm sure) to provide a pretty compelling software suite for managing the community. (the admin side is secured behind an Apple Connect login, or I'd share the URL to that - it's pretty cool, though...)

Oh, and someone in Apple Corporate decided that we all needed bios on the website. I absolutely hate writing a bio. Booooring. So I decided instead to have fun with mine. They want a bio? I'll give 'em a bio! ;-)

Update: The Campus Exchange community site is now live, with registration open to anyone. Come play!

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