Trying Safari RSS Aggregator

I'm a pretty die-hard NetNewsWire Pro user now, but am dabbling with Safari's built-in RSS aggregator on one machine. It lacks some of the things that i really like about NNW (marking posts as read and/or flagged). The all-posts-in-one-long-page thing is growing on me. I never got into the "Combo View" in NNW, but for some reason this is working for me (perhaps it's the "article length" slider doowackie that lets me easily switch from titles-only to whole-enchilada mode).

To really test it out, though, I'll want to import all of my NNW subscriptions over to see if it falls on its face. Any ideas on how to move all 390 feeds from NNW --> Safari? The OPML file wasn't recognized by Safari's "Import Bookmarks" function. Perhaps a job for Automator? (couldn't find the Safari "add bookmark" automator action, though...)

Update: Well, there is this hack/technique to get feeds from NNW --> Firefox + Sage --> Safari. The import ran nice and easily, but having Safari display all of my feeds is taking for freaking ever - wonder if that's just a first-time-you-view-a-bunch-of-feeds thing, or an it-just-doesn't-scale-to-390-feeds thing...

Update: Looks like a (hard?) limit of 40 feeds per folder. That kinda sucks... Oh, well. I won't be using Safari RSS for much, then. I also much prefer the one-post-at-a-time style of interface in NNW, rather than the here's-everything style of Safari RSS (and NNW's Combo view). It's much easier to absorb the content one post at a time...

Update: I just filed a bug on Safari for the 40-feed maximum. Hopefully that's addressed in an update. If they want people to start really using RSS (and the one-click implementation is so nice that people will start really using it), then they need to be able to handle lots of feeds.

Update: I looked into it a bit further, and it looks like it was only automagically "blessing" the first 40 feeds in a folder by switching the protocol to "feed://" from "http://" - I just opened Safari's Bookmarks.plist file in SubEthaEdit, and did a batch search-and-replace on the feeds portion of my bookmarks, relaunched Safari, and now it looks like it's seeing all feeds... So, it's not a 40-items-in-the-UI limit, it's something apparently funky with how it checks feeds... At least there's a workaround.

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