Emeril Recipes for your iPod

Emeril Lagasse, of painfully failed sitcom and surprisingly entertaining cooking show fame, has released a bunch of stuff to download to your iPod. These include:

  • Emeril's Restaurant Finder - so you always know where the overpriced restaurants are
  • podMeals - weekly menus to apparently help with grocery selection
  • ReciPods & ReciPods Too: 1000 recipes from Emeril's archives. This one is actually pretty cool.

Downloading all but the Restaurant Finder now. The last time I was in Vegas, his restaurants were so ungodly expensive I couldn't afford to read the menu in front of the joints. The time before that, I got to spend something like $25 so Janice and I could split a piece of pecan pie, and get her a quick tour of the kitchen.

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Last updated: September 28, 2023