Flickr Gallery in WordPress

Update: I’m no longer using the Flickr Gallery plugin. I switched to use FAlbum, and it rocks nicely…

I just installed the Flickr Gallery plugin, which uses the Flickr API to incorporate photo albums from my Flickr account into this weblog. Small pieces, loosely joined. Rock on.

Check out the “Photos” tab on the top of the page (or, if you’re an RSSian, try this).

Have I mentioned how much I freaking love WordPress and Flickr? Hey! You got Flickr in my WordPress! You got WordPress in my Flickr!

Check out my Evan Photo Album, as displayed in WordPress. Click on images to see larger versions, etc… Just like in Flickr. It also supports displaying the Notes. Very cool.

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  1. I’m eyeballs-deep in a project right now so can’t spend a lot of time, but IIRC, the big “gotcha” was in setting the permissions on the cache directory properly. Make sure it’s writable by the user running the webserver, or just make it writable to everyone – it’s just a cache directory 🙂

    Then, there were some values to edit in the config file, but that was straightforward.

    Bonus points if you fix the borked html – it was sadly invalid and looked poopy out of the box. I can send you my fixed copy if you like.

  2. Almost forgot – there was some fiddling with the .htaccess file to get it to have friendly URLs, and copying a gallery file into the root of my blog directory…

  3. Blythe – it's been a loooong time, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the exact reason. Something as vague as "FAlbum is better" probably won't help you 🙂

    I think it had something to do with set integration, and offering a more complete replication of the Flickr pages within my blog. Or something like that. 

    Regardless, I've since switched my blog from WordPress to Drupal, so the point is moot (for me). 

  4. Hey, I realize you posted this awhile ago, but I was just curious why you stopped using flickr gallery and switched to FAlbum.  I'm having kind of a terrible time with FAlbum, and I'm looking for alternatives.  Thanks!

  5. Personally I don’t have any problem using Flickr with my own blog – the photos really enhance each blog post – maybe they’ve improved since you’re original post.

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