Keynote 2 rocks!

I'm working on my presentation for Museums and the Web, which runs this week in Vancouver (I'll be in YVR for just over 24 hours, but am so overbooked I will count myself lucky if I get outside except for the cab ride to/from the airport).

I'm using Keynote 2 to author my part of the Pachyderm presentation - I get to present on the technical architecture of Pachyderm, to a non-technical audience. So, instead of bullet-point-filled screens full of acronym soup, I'm trying to use the build transitions to help construct a framework for me to speak to. Nice layers-of-software diagrams, with arrows and boxes and stuff, rather than just acronyms all over the place.

It's not many screens so far (just a few architecture screens for any propeller-heads in the audience, and a few screenshots that will be used to illustrate the code in action - as opposed to Tom's UI section).

Museums and the Web Presentation Preview

Keynote 2 makes it so darned easy to make nicely polished presentations. I mean, this thing looks like a freaking Stevenote! And with the new WebKit object, which can be set to not update automatically, it makes it sooo easy to embed a web page onto a presentation slide. Without the scaling artifacts you'll get with a screenshot of that web page.

I'm sure I'll be posting a full version of the presentation when it's done - it's part of a multi-person Pachyderm-o-rama session covering all aspects of the beast. Should be fun :-)

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Last updated: February 20, 2024