Battlestar Galactica in HD

Josh and King are likely sick of hearing me gush about Battlestar Galactica. It's likely the best scifi series. Evar. Deep stories, without glossing over stuff or throwing in expendable Red Shirts or resorting to transporters or holo-decks. I won't give any spoilers - just don't let your revulsion over the resurrection of the '70s camp original series get in the way. At least watch the miniseries...

The first season actually had plot twists and conflicts that I didn't see coming, and didn't feel formulaic or rushed (unlike nearly every other show ever made). It's way more than the hottie f*ckbots (played by a small-town Alberta girl no less). There's riffs of spirituality, humanity, politics, ethics, honour, deception, etc... The last episode of the first season completely blew me away. I mean, I was literally stunned. That's never happened with any other TV show before.

I don't have access to the channel that broadcasts it in Calgary (they use a nasty bundle "buy these 10 crap channels so you get the 1 you want" plan, which I will not bend over for).

There's something that rhymes with Schmidtorrent that will do the job.

Or, if you have access to DirecTV or pay the Cable racket their dues, there's Battlestar Galactica in HD.

ps. as campy as the original series was, Evan still plays with the Colonial Viper toy that I had when I was a kid...

pps. And the soundtrack freaking rocks! Couldn't find it in the iTMS, nor traditional music stores. I'll be keeping my eyes open to find a legit copy...

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Last updated: September 16, 2023