Adscam turns Canada into another Red State?

OK. So, assume that AdScam is going to nuke the Liberal minority government, and they don't have a chance for re-election when it's called. They'll be written off (correctly or otherwise, it's irrelevant now) as a corrupt, mob-riddled bunch of money launderers.

What are the options? NDP? Not likely (at least in a majority government). It would seem as though Liberals would go to them in droves, but the NDP is too expensive to get elected as a ruling party.

So... That leaves the Conservatives. The folks that have somehow convinced themselves that they are the Junior Republican Party of Canada, and have suffered extreme political schizophrenia since the desperate merger of two otherwise incompatible parties (the acceptable Progressive Conservative Party, and the Right Wing Wacko Alliance Party).

Which means, basically, we're screwed, unless the NDP takes a more moderate stance and manages to get elected (which would actually be a pretty cool thing).

Or, perhaps the Marijuana Party has a chance now? Legalize it!

On the plus side, I quite like the concept of a minority government - having the ruling party essentially required to pay attention to the other party's agendas in order to maintain the government adds some really nice checks and balances to the system. No runaway dictatorships are possible in a minority government - a re-election can be called any time.

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