Google can see my house!

UPDATE: this is just a blog post. if you want to see your house, go to Google Maps, or Bing Maps, or any of a bunch of other places. This site can’t show you your house. Stop putting your home addresses into the search field on my blog in the hopes of seeing a satellite photo of your house. Seriously. People. Stop.

When I first started playing with, I thought it was freaking amazing. Then, I wondered out loud if the Keyhole team was talking to the Maps team.

Apparently, the answer was “yah huh!”

OK. Let’s see if this still works. Google, if you’re listening, you should drive a big ol’ Brinks truck full-o-cash into my garage. You already know where it is…

9 thoughts on “Google can see my house!”

  1. These new neighbourhoods always look interesting from the air, but make absolutely no sense on the ground. I once spent 15 minutes in D’Arcy’s neighbourhood looking for someone’s house because I knew the general direction of the street I was looking for but couldn’t figure out the right combination of streets to get me there. Maybe it’ll make more sense one day when we’re all driving flying cars!

  2. Yeah… Apparently the community (Tuscany) was modelled after some Italian community, with the circular ring road with spokes and all… Looks great on a map (or from the air), but can make navigation on the ground frustrating to say the least.

    I once had a cab driver take an extra 20 minutes to find my house (to pick me up early one day to head to the airport) – he was on the radio with 2 dispatchers trying to guide him to me using their maps. No joy. I finally spotted him and flagged him down 🙂

  3. Seriously, that’s why my community has one of the lowest crime rates in the city – until recently there was only one road in and out of the community as well, making it really easy to trap thieves.

    Of course… I know the layout pretty well… (evil laugh)

  4. Stacey, all I can suggest is that you check the requirements for Google Earth. Is your computer capable of running it? Also, it downloads a LOT of data/imagery on the fly, so it will be quite slow over dialup or non-broadband connections. It does cache whatever it downloads, so it should be faster after awhile…

  5. Google earth does not work properly on my computer. I am very disapointed at this! please e-mail me back about wut i should do to fix it so that it will work! please and thank you very much hope that you have a very good day.


    Ps; I have wanted to do this for the longest time then onc e i got it it didnt work! aahhh

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