UPDATE: this is just a blog post. if you want to see your house, go to Google Maps, or Bing Maps, or any of a bunch of other places. This site can't show you your house. Stop putting your home addresses into the search field on my blog in the hopes of seeing a satellite photo of your house. Seriously. People. Stop.

When I first started playing with maps.google.com, I thought it was freaking amazing. Then, I wondered out loud if the Keyhole team was talking to the Maps team.

Apparently, the answer was "yah huh!"

maps.google.com can see my house
My house, as seen by Google's All Seeing Eye (click for live Google Map)

OK. Let's see if this still works. Google, if you're listening, you should drive a big ol' Brinks truck full-o-cash into my garage. You already know where it is...