I hate April Fool's Day

Every year, it's the same crap. Websites trying to be clever by inventing "funny" fake items for April 1. Every year, my RSS reader gets filled with silly, inane little stunts. And it takes a few seconds for my crapfilter to kick in.

Maybe I'm just turning into a cranky old kurmudgeon (maybe? definitely?), but I don't find 99% of these pranks even remotely funny. The Google Juice one was entertaining. And James Farmer's "job offer" from WebCT. That's about it this year. And all of the posts with interesting, but otherwise unusual content having to have "This is not an April Fool's Joke" disclaimers is just frigging annoying.

I can't wait for a week or so, for when these silly little timewasters have dropped out of the RSS feeds...

Update: Ha! Once again, Josh and I are on the same wavelength... We posted within an hour of each other, without seeing each other's posts.

Update: BareBones Software, the makers of BBEdit, posted a perfect example of what I'm talking about. It probably took a group of people a good part of a day to come up with something that sounds awfully close to a real product announcement. Acronyms for APRIL and FOOLS etc... Why waste so much energy on this? I'm baffled. Oh, right. Because it's "funny."


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Last updated: December 04, 2023