They weren't kidding when they said they were increasing the mailbox size of every GMail account! Their login page jokes about planning to roll out "infinity +1" gigabytes of emaily goodness. That was the April Fool's part of the announcement. The rest of it goes basically "we plan to keep slapping hard drives into The Beast, so you'll keep getting more room in your inbox, until the global marketplace has been drained of hard drives." Or something like that.

My account, as of today, has already grown by half a gig.

GMail Account Status, April 1, 2005

Now, if it's economical enough for GMail to be giving away essentially infinite storage, free of cost, why in the hell can't IT give me more than 100MB of space on the campus mailserver (and that was only allowed after a letter from my boss begged them to give me more room).

Update: 24 hours later, and my account quota has grown to over 2 gigs...

GMail account April 2 2005