Installing Tiger on Monday

I’ve been running various developer builds of Tiger (from ADC) on my “secondary” machine – the desktop box that I use as “communication central”. It’s been so absolutely solid that I haven’t even had the chance to file any bugs on it!

Now that it’s been released, I’ll be installing the final build of Tiger on that box first thing on Monday, and will attempt the full XCode + WebObjects + Subversion install. If all is happy, I’ll be installing Tiger onto the laptop (my primary/development system) at first chance. That’s the only part of the install that has me concerned. If WO works, I’m laughing!

I absolutely LOVE the new (I’m less offended by the new Mail UI than many others, apparently, and the Smart Folders do kick so much ass! I have a Smart Folder that says something like: “All messages that are flagged, and have come from anyone on the Pachyderm project in the last 2 weeks”) Spotlight is cool, and Dashboard is unbelievably useful (moreso than Konfabulator is, IMO, and I paid for that).

Initial rumours about WebObjects development on Tiger is that it basically works, but is a bit quirky. There is also an update making its way toward release (5.2.4 – a whopping .0.1 update in over a year!) which will possibly take care of those quirks.

Java 1.5 is also available for MacOSX 10.4, but I don’t care either way about that at the moment – I’m using a whole bunch of Java 1.4 stuff, and don’t really want to go chasing down minor tweaks and niggles introduced by 1.5

Emeril Recipes for your iPod

Emeril Lagasse, of painfully failed sitcom and surprisingly entertaining cooking show fame, has released a bunch of stuff to download to your iPod. These include:

  • Emeril’s Restaurant Finder – so you always know where the overpriced restaurants are
  • podMeals – weekly menus to apparently help with grocery selection
  • ReciPods & ReciPods Too: 1000 recipes from Emeril’s archives. This one is actually pretty cool.

Downloading all but the Restaurant Finder now. The last time I was in Vegas, his restaurants were so ungodly expensive I couldn’t afford to read the menu in front of the joints. The time before that, I got to spend something like $25 so Janice and I could split a piece of pecan pie, and get her a quick tour of the kitchen.

Back from the Pachyderm Dev. Pow-Wow

It was a pretty busy multi-day session, but we’ve hammered out what we need to do to get Pachyderm 2 to the place it needs to be for the NMC conference in June, and for the Big Release in October. These face-to-face developer’s meetings are always good, and are always exhausting.

Pachyderm Brain Burnout

This was an especially bipolar trip. Ups included figuring out the project stuff, spending some time with the other developers, hitting some good restaurants, and being in the green lushness of California. Downs included the damned speeding ticket, Tim getting rejected at the border, and realizing just how little time we have to do what we need to do.

I’ve posted photos from the trip, and will be updating shortly with the last of them (including one more whiteboard shot, and some hopefully cool pics of a sunset from 33,000′.

As we were landing, I could see crystals blasting by in the landing lights. We got to the ground, and it was snowing. A nice solid sheet of icy snow greeted me this morning. I miss the Bay Area already 🙂

Pachyderm Server Down (temporarily, I hope)

The thoughtful and friendly folks at the U of C decided to upgrade the electrical infrastructure in the Learning Commons today. That meant that would be without power. “No problem, thanks for the notice,” I thought – assuming they’d be shutting down the server before yanking the plug.

They didn’t.

And now the server is struggling to get back up again. I’m kinda remote from the server right now, hunkered down at SSU with the rest of the Pachyderm developers. Trying to show stuff on the pachyderm instance on – can’t SSH in to reboot it from California. Can’t FTP in. Apache is up, but WebObjects is cranky. MySQL is down. Doh…

I’m really hoping someone reboots the server so we can do more work tomorrow…

So, until then, is down. And, since it’s hosting and, they are down now, too. crap. Remind me why I left the office?

Update: It’s back! Something had gotten wedged on the reboot after the power cycle. Some services came up, but others simply refused. Kirk just gave the server a nudge, and all is happy again (thanks, Kirk!)

I’m really hoping the bipolar nature of this trip settles down Real Soon Now™.

Wireless at the Doubletree

Boy, howdy does the wireless suck here. I practically need rabbit ears to get enough signal to maintain a connection, then it drops after a few seconds with no warning. Was hoping to catch up on stuff that is non-port-80 (like filling up my inbox) because guest access on the SSU wireless network is restricted to port 80.

On the upside, at least the craptacular wireless was free. I was comped because I signed up for their obsessive-user-tracking Hilton Rewards program (or whatever they call it).

Bah. Wireless barfed again… I’ve got a few blog comments and this post queued for publishing, but that will have to wait for the stable connection at SSU.