If it was my ear, it might not be so bad. But Evan's been inflicted by a nasty pair of ear infections. Poor little guy didn't sleep more than an hour last night (therefore, mom and dad didn't sleep at all - no sir, no way in hell are we having another one - we had some serious colic flashbacks last night :-) )

We've pumped him full of Tylenol to control the fever, and now he's on yummy banana-flavoured antibiotics to wipe out the little critters filling his eustachian tubes.

One thing that I realized today is just how much I love the health care system in Canada. Janice called the family doctor this morning, asked for an appointment, and we got fit right into their schedule. We had a nice visit with the doctor, without having to pay a cent. Then, we got the prescription filled at the local pharmacy, without having to pay a cent. Sure, we've technically already paid for it all thanks to higher taxes, but it's nice when the system works. Not once did we even have to consider cost today - just on doing the right thing to get The Boy healthy again.

He's passed out upstairs in his room right now. I hate seeing the little guy suffer - he was so out of it this morning that he didn't want to have a bath. He normally goes ape shit when he gets a chance to get in the tub. Today, he just wanted to sink into mommy's or daddy's arms.