OurMedia.org goes live!

Well, it's officially in alpha anyway. I just created an account on OurMedia.org - a joint venture between Marc Canter's folks and Brewster Kahle's Internet Archive group.

Marc was pimping the project back at Northern Voice - but it was undergoing last minute tweaks so wasn't officially released then.

It offers free hosting for content (audio, video, images, etc...) for eternity, as part of the Internet Archive project. Very cool.

The OurMedia.org website is a Drupal site (put together by Bryght, it looks like) - it's quite nice. I may have to will borrow some ideas from it for weblogs.ucalgary.ca.

My first upload to the archive should appear shortly - there is apparently a delay between uploading and hosting as part of the Internet Archive at archive.org.

Update: The image still hasn't shown up online... A quick surf of the site shows a whole lot of "it will be available soon, please be patient" pages. Wonder if the link between ourmedia and archive.org is down? Perhaps it's a piece of wetware that went home for the weekend?

Update: Interesting. Looks like the image file is in place, but the node for it still has the placeholder text...

Also, after looking at that image at full size - man, is my camera a piece of shit. I've got to get a decent camera soon...

Update: items that were uploaded today are starting to show up on archive.org. Not sure what the delay is, but I've added another image to test it out.

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