Google Maps + Keyhole Satellite Imagery?

I've been using since it was first released. Absolutely love it.

But... Wouldn't it be even cooler if you could toggle between street map view and satellite image view? Or, perhaps overlay the street maps on top of the satellite images?

If only Google had access to a catalog of satellite images like Keyhole. Oh, wait! Look at the bottom right corner of the Keyhole home page... "Powered by Google"

Here's hoping the Keyhole team is talking to the Maps team...

update: Photoshop mockup of what it could offer, using northwest Calgary as an example:

Google/Keyhole Combo View

Obviously there would have to be some calibration, but I'd assume the Keyhole images are all properly oriented. The image I used was provided by astronauts on the International Space Station, so wasn't intended to be used with maps.

Update 2: 2005/07/23 - it only took them 4 months, but Google just released their "hybrid" view on - check out the live version of my mockup.

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