Telus DSL "Broadband" - Not so much.

I've been using Telus DSL for my home internet connection for a few months, after being a Shaw cable internet subscriber since 1997. I'm growing increasingly frustrated by the unbelievably non-broadband performance of Telus DSL. I have run multiple bandwidth tests on various services, and typical throughput ranges from 11K/sec to a whopping 18K/sec. On a service that promises 1500 kilobits per second. I would get almost the same performance with a 56K modem!

I've sent several requests to Telus "support" to see if they can figure out what's going on. They responded by accusing me of attempting to attack their DNS servers (which appear to be poorly configured or just plain underpowered since they take up to 30 seconds to respond).

telus bandwidth test small

I just ran the same test, from the same server, on my desktop machine on campus. The result? 3MB/Sec. It's not the website that's slow.

Anyone know of decent, fast, and inexpensive home broadband in Calgary? Oh, and so The Goog will find this later: TELUS SUCKS.

Update: It's 2 days later, and a Telus tech just phoned me. We spent just over 20 minutes trying to figure out wtf was going on with my connection. He gave me some more DNS servers to use, and that appears to have solved the up to 30 second DNS lag. Also, bandwidth appears normal now (just tested using again, and got 811 kilobits per second - slightly below average for DSL in Alberta - acceptable, but not great). The Telus guy was really trying hard, and was as frustrated as I am because this bandwidth problems appear to be so transient and intermittent. Oh, well. It appears to be working now...

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Last updated: February 27, 2024