The CogDogBlog is Muzzled (temporarily)

Just got an email from Alan Levine asking me to light the beacons to send word throughout the Kingdom of Man that his XServe has succumbed to the unblinking gaze of Sauron himself. As a last ditch effort to salt the earth lest Evil gets a foothold, the server promptly decided to rename/delete some rather critical files. Needless to say, it's now a smouldering pile of shiny brushed aluminum (until probably Monday, when a fresh hard drive module will be slapped in and life-giving charges of electricity once again flow through its temperamental silicon heart).

So, if you're wondering what happened to Alan - he's fine. The Demo Gods just decided to flick a little humility his way, since he was planning to demo something on that server while he's in New York City (New York City!) on Friday.

If you're someone borrowing his freely offered Feed2JS service - you'll have to cool your jets until the weekend at the earliest, as Alan attempts to perform a resurrection from a distance. Or, you could have hosted it yourself instead of freeloading on Alan's good will... :-)

Personally, I think this is just the first wave Leroy Swivelhips' first offensive - an edublogger blitzkrieg that shall leave no field unburned. There is an odd similarity in his appearance and writing to another wormtongued messenger...

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