UPDATE: Since there seeems to be some serious interest in this topic, I've started a wiki page to compare the packages.

I'm starting to toss some more ideas around for a proposal to kickstart a weblogs@ucalgary.ca project. Ideally, the system would be able to integrate via LDAP to the university's authentication system, so people wouldn't have Yet Another Login to remember. It should also scale to thousands of weblogs.

There are several software candidates I'd like to test a bit more before moving forward: (in no particular order)

And no, there isn't an existing weblogs@ucalgary.ca project (what's up with that?), and I'm not heading one up (but am willing to do so if need be). I just want to get my shit together so I can put an informed proposal together when I get the time.

I've been thinking about this for a long time now (even tried to provide some services on the Learning Commons webserver, but that never took off for anyone but myself :-) ). It was pretty much sparked into the forefront by the NorthernVoice conference, and the Academic Weblogs session in particular.

UPDATE: I've set up a test install of Drupal 4.5 to try it out. It seems pretty impressive, but I may decide to turn off some of the bells and whistles so noobs don't get too freaked out...