Dublin Core DC-Education Application Profile

Scott Leslie just posted about the new Dublin Core DC-Education Application Profile. Looking at the wiki page he links to, it looks more like IEEE LOM Lite than Dublin Core ++ but it is definitely good to see the DC folks thinking about some of the other potential uses.

I'll be updating the Lightweight Asset Management database to support the extra fields once they've been fleshed out or finalized a bit more, and when I get some time (it's currently a version 0.1 application profile - adopters beware :-) ).

By supporting some of these additional educational fields, we'll have the ability to store both "automagically generated" and "brute-force manually entered" metadata, all comingling in one happy metadata freakout party zone...

I wouldn't have made this a post on its own, but Scott's been forced to turn off comments due to those evil spam roaches, so trackbacks are the only way to converse publicly...

UPDATE: Looks like these elements have been in Dublin Core for some time now - the educationLevel element was added in 2002, for instance... It's not part of the core set of elements, so may have been overlooked by many (including myself).

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Last updated: September 16, 2023