An interesting idea... Web technologies: a first step towards biomimetism? The idea that enterprise-class, "hardened" applications are flawed by nature, and that web technologies that mimic biology in the ability to adapt and respond are more successful and appropriate.

It's another telling of the small pieces loosely joined story. One that's been going through my head very loudly lately (as it has before).

Things like the new Technorati Tags system really showcase what can be done with the loosely bound small pieces, rather than trying to build the entire widget (or series of widgets, or framework of widgets) yourself.

Over the next year, I plan on investigating this much more closely as it pertains to blended learning. What are the small pieces? How can they be tied together? What is the larger ecology that forms as the pieces learn about each other? Where are the gaps and opportunities?

I'm definitely not alone in my interest in this model. James Farmer is thinking about it too... (as are Alan, Brian, and many others...)